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HBL Editor publishes your releases on his blog and allows you to see his interview diary online


My wife pointed out this very interesting information and I think it’s one of its kind. Murali D, Deputy Editor of The Hindu  Business Line, has a blog called ‘Just In, Just Out‘ where he publishes press releases he receives on his inbox. Very apt name! The subhead reads ‘What’s hot in my inbox’. It Read More

More brands are looking at PUBLIC RELATIONS as a new tool


Some of world’s best brands have been built with PR. With rising media costs and lack of deep pockets to spend, many brands are seriously considering using PR in a big way to promote their brand in the most cost efficient manner. Recently I was chatting with few of my friends who are working on Read More

Top Online Research Resources for PR and marketing Professionals


My team and I develop PR pitches for our prospective clients. This is one of my KRAs. Planning requires, besides understanding the client’s business and requirements, a lot of research on the industry, the competition, and the current image that the client has in the market. This involves primary researches like speaking to journalists and Read More

Weekly Digest of Indian Business Blogs March 31, 2008


Business blogging in India is evolving, but yet far behind the tech and bloggers of other subjects. So when Gaurav came up with the idea of running a collaborated weekly digest of the best of business blog posts, it sounded good. So here we are, India PR Blog is part of this initiative, doing its Read More

"A clueless blonde…" and other stories: Thursdays with Tushar

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“One Black Coffee”“ I spent 20 years in PR agencies before moving to corporate communication” claimed a fragile looking lady with a proud voice as she tried to sink her body in black leather sofa. “I completely understand what is possible and what is not possible in PR and I never pressurise my agency” another Read More

Assocham says Indian PR industry is USD 3bn. Is it really that big?


ASSOCHAM yesterday released a report on the Indian PR industry, which came as a bit of a surprise. I though they aptly called it a ‘random’ survey. It came out of nowhere. On one hand, this report is a positive development with industry associations now starting to conduct studies on the PR industry. PR researchers Read More