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How to integrate digital into your PR campaigns


Enlarge diagram Figure 1 represents a typical PR plan restricted to media relations. First, we identify the key messages to be delivered and the media to be utilized to deliver those messages. Post that, conduct a series of appropriate PR activities to get the desired results. Figure 2 shows how we can create an integrated Read More

A newbie digital marketer? Create your blog

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Often I get asked by young colleagues and friends on how do they get themselves upto speed on digital. My simple tweet like answer would always be ‘start a blog’. They think I am probably too lazy to explain or care shit to answer. Truth is when you start a blog… 1.You check out platforms Read More

Support your online media campaigns with mass media & mobile phone marketing

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I couldn’t agree more with what Lakshimipathy Bhat wrote in the Financial Express that the Sunsilk Gang of Girls, often taken as the benchmark on digital campaigns in India owes a part of its success to the massive offline mass media support it got. Often for our clients we most of the time try to Read More