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Social media trends in India

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Here is a quick link to my guest post at Lighthouse Insights where I wrote about 5 observations in the social media scene in India today – across social networking sites, the blogosphere, online forums, mobile, and social media marketing. Prasant Naidu wanted to include a quote in a story he was doing but eventually Read More

A newbie digital marketer? Create your blog

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Often I get asked by young colleagues and friends on how do they get themselves upto speed on digital. My simple tweet like answer would always be ‘start a blog’. They think I am probably too lazy to explain or care shit to answer. Truth is when you start a blog… 1.You check out platforms Read More

Haagen Dazs and online crisis communications thoughts


So a TOI blog wrote about Haagen Dazs’ ‘Exclusive Preview for International Travellers’ banner it got almost 800 comments pouring in and a stream of Twitter discussions in wave of protest. There is also this story about the online protests. What do I take away from this? a. The immense influence media blogs have today Read More

How to create a hosted WordPress blog – a step by step guide from booking the domain to getting your blog seen


Creating a blog is simple. Visit Blogger, WordPress.com, or the short and sweet Tumblr, follow the easy instructions, and you are ready to publish your first post. However, when it comes to creating a blog that you want to host on your own space, or promoting your blogs during the initial few months, most people Read More

HBL Editor publishes your releases on his blog and allows you to see his interview diary online


My wife pointed out this very interesting information and I think it’s one of its kind. Murali D, Deputy Editor of The Hindu  Business Line, has a blog called ‘Just In, Just Out‘ where he publishes press releases he receives on his inbox. Very apt name! The subhead reads ‘What’s hot in my inbox’. It Read More

Blogs equal personal diaries, hardly anymore for many


I read this post below and somehow I have to agree to what it says that blogs have become impersonal. Even though the majority of blogs are not among the Technorati’s Top Lists, most of us approach blogging as a platform to publish well researched and thought-through articles, and hardly posting our spur-of-the-moment thoughts. How Read More