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A newbie digital marketer? Create your blog

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Often I get asked by young colleagues and friends on how do they get themselves upto speed on digital. My simple tweet like answer would always be ‘start a blog’. They think I am probably too lazy to explain or care shit to answer. Truth is when you start a blog…

1.You check out platforms like Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress, which give you a hang of how these platforms work and what others are doing there.

2.You will pretty soon enough want to have your own domain like www.miketyson.com instead of something www.miketyson201.wordpress.com and so you will search online for domain registrars. You will try to see which one offers you the best or the cheapest. Then when you try to book yourself one domain, buy webspace, set up a MySQL account, do the ftp transfers; believe me there is enough knowledge learnt for a start.

3.Then the whole process of setting up your blog on your new domain. If you are installing WordPress, you are probably going to read up the whole WordPress documentation multiple times before you can figure correctly how to do it.

4.Your blog needs to look good, right? Check out templates and themes. You will pretty much realise many themes are broken and you have spoilt your WordPress setup beyond repair. Try again.

5.Customising the themes you finally decide on…color change, width, something in the theme that you want to change; you now need to learn html. There are good programmes lessons available online if you just search. There, you have become a newbie web designer.

6.Ok you have started writing and want to improve yourself? Start reading blogs like Copyblogger, Problogger, etc.

7.How do you get more traffic? Aha, lots of ebooks on SEO, tools and tips available online. Integrating your Facebook and Twitter with your blog….

8.Plugins…thousands of them…you will probably spend nights without sleep playing with them.

9.You want comments and want to get your blog seen? You start commenting on other blogs and start inviting people to your blog. Connections happens. People start seeing you. You have already started creating your own brand.

Ok so what have you learnt so far, basically many many things. Got the point?


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April 6th, 2012 at 12:05 am

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