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In search of interesting places to check in on foursquare

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Of late foursquare has been a hit among my office colleagues and they all have been trying to become the mayor of the office.  Apart from that, you also find these guys becoming the mayors of many interesting locations around the city.  There is almost a competition nowadays to become the mayor. So now the norm is almost like –   you come back to the office from a meeting,  check in and you get nearer to dethroning the current mayor.

The update status ‘XYZ just checked-in @ABC’ is becoming a bit of an eyesore, especially when it comes out on Twitter and Facebook repeatedly. Why not be creative? So recently I checked in inside a flight IC 213……..

How about checking in on foursquare itself. I just checked in @foursquare.com

I added a place called ‘The most wonderful place in the world’ recently. I am the proud mayor of that place now.

foursquare palin ningthoujam

My colleagues suggested why places only, why not people? So we thought we should check  in @Tina @Surangana. How many girls in office have you as the mayor now? Cheeky.

One of my colleagues has become a super mayor for becoming the mayor of 10 places. I’m at 4 – one is an imaginary place, one of MG Road sucks, and two of my clients’ offices.  I don’t travel so much nowadays, except for obvious places where I could go with my 9 months old . Like one of my friends on Twitter said, ‘Fathers of toddlers can become mayors of doctor’s clinics; Hard Rock Cafe, difficult.’ :-)

By the way, let’s connect if you are on foursquare. My profile is here. Let’s see how many more interesting places we can discover and thus get many more fancy badges.


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July 18th, 2010 at 2:43 am

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  1. lolz. I am also the mayor of Rush Hour Traffic Jam on Foursquare :)

    Have sent you a request on 4sq, though I don't check in much anymore. I guess the heat and hype have died down.


    19 Jul 10 at 11:59 pm

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