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Whose picture is that? Find out with Polar Rose

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Sometimes when we see a picture of a person on the net while browsing, we go, ‘Oh! Who is this person?’. If the name and details about the person is mentioned on that particular page, good for us. If not, what can we do except a wild guess? Think of situations such as a group picture, a random shot, etc. etc.

Now Polar Rose comes as a new face recognition service that aims to do the guesswork for us. The service, in beta now, comes as a neat Firefox plugin that will show a red flower icon whenever there is a picture of a person on a web page. When you click on that icon, there is a pop-up that displays the name of the person. See picture on the left.

If you are the nice types, you can help by adding the names of people, if Polar Rose fail to recognize the picture.

At the main Polar Rose site, you can search for a particular name and the site will take you to the webpages where the pictures of that particular person you are searching for were marked at. So for instance, if you search on my name, it will take you to my MyBloglog profile page and this blog.

What differentiates Polar rose from other image search engines? This is what its recent release had to say – A search for ‘Peter Jackson’ in today’s image search engines result in various images featuring multiple ‘Peter Jacksons’ plus a number of images not featuring people at all but instead just images close to the text ‘Peter Jackson’. Polar Rose will instead sort the entities to include faces only, and group the individual Peter Jacksons.

I think the service is innovative and definitely has a good chance to make it big, though I would like the flower icon to be smaller, as sometimes, it could be obstructive and on the face. Does it slow down my browser, as it keeps on looking for human faces on websites I open? Common sense tells me it might, but who knows. Till now, I haven’t seen any problem though.


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June 22nd, 2008 at 11:27 pm

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  1. i got a person who is faking his picture…i know its not him…but he didnt admit,…as a result i know that the fake picture must have belong to a model or someone elses

    i would like to know if u knew who is it…


    15 Nov 08 at 7:22 pm

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