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List of affiliate programs in India


Affiliate marketing programs are the first lot that website owners and bloggers start looking at when they want to monetise their sites or blogs. Google Adsense is the obvious name that comes to our mind when we talk of affiliate marketing. So recently when I went through that stage for another online venture of mine, I signed up for Adsense plus a host of other affiliate programs. 

What I didn’t realise that time was that the affiliate programs that work for the blogs or websites in the US might not necessarily work for a website with an Indian audience. The reasons can be many. The primary reason is that there are more Americans today who are buying stuff online than Indians. I recently read about somebody from Futurebaazar, supposedly one of India’s best online shopping portals, mentioning in a news story that out of the total number of visits the site gets in a day, the percentage of people who actually end up buying is so far minuscule. Online shopping is apparently a phenomenon not yet accepted fully by the Internet goers in India. I suppose the touch and feel at Ansal Plaza is what people want :-)

So, people here are more likely to click on ads that link to another service or another online site, rather than a product link. Maybe that is the reason why some people think Google Adsense works best among many affiliate marketing networks.

Secondly, there is the question of relevancy. There is no use advertising a New York service in your website targeted at the Indian audience. This led me to an online quest for Indian affiliate networks.

Below is the list.  This is a work in progress list of all the major affiliate marketing programs in India. You might have run in to many of these already. The basic idea is to share what I have collected so far and maybe provide a resource to somebody looking to monetise his/her site.  And of course, please link to this blog. Leave me a comment in case you know/have any other affiliate network sites or programs.


Affiliate network sites -

Affiliate Curry  -  Supposedly India’s first affiliate network offering a small range of Indian affiliate programs.

Affiliate Network – Offers affiliate network and provides commission to affiliates on a click basis

Cine Chance- At the Starting you will get Rs. 5 for every confirmed registered member of Cine Chance who comes from a banner/text link on your site. If they get satisfied with your conversion rate, they can increase your commission upto Rs 10 per free registration.

ClixGalore India – Offers five scaled levels of affiliate recruitment and promotional services to their merchants with a small but growing position in the India Affiliate Marketing industry. Network access to the USA, Japan, Australia, India and the UK.

dgm India - A wholly own subsidiary of Deal Group, part of dgm Holdings Plc. The Company’s principal activity is the delivery of ROI through affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, display inventory and email, either as individual channels, or as a complete solution.

Media Marketing Online – Provider of Online Marketing services and Sales Solutions with various services like Search Engine Optimization , website optimization services, Search Engine Marketing solutions, PPC Management Services etc based in India with host of services for Advertisers, Publishers and Agencies.

Tyroo – Offers pay per click ads. Generate tags for various categories on your website after identifying the size and type of ads that you want us to serve.

Webshree – Network of web sites and representatives selling your product on a commission-only basis.


Individual websites providing affiliate programs -

Bazaar of India – You can earning 20% commission when your reference buy its herbal products.

Bharatmatrimony.com – India’s leading matrimony site offering banner ads, text ads, and email marketing. Earn commissions of upto 50% of the paid subscriptions fee. You earn when visitors reach BharatMatrimony from your website and becomes a paid subscriber.

Career khazana – Whenever any employer visits the site through your link and becomes a premium member, you earn 25% of a net membership fee.

ChennaiBazaar – Earn 8% commissions on sale value on every successful sale generated.

ClickAunty – 25% of each order placed by a referral. 15% of each renewal order.

Crafts in India – Craftsinindia invites queries from the organizations interested in being its affiliates.

ebay – You can refer ebay to friends and earn USD 3 per active confirmed registered user. You can also sell ebay products on your site. There is now a ebay India, so people can trade in INR as well. ebay also has partnerships with other global affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Auction Ads.

Ferns n petals – Earn up to 15% commission on referred merchandise sales with a 10 day cookie for return visitors. You get commission on all sales that take place up to 10 days after you send someone to Fernsnpetals. For example, if a customer visits your site and clicks on its banner ad and doesn’t buy anything right away, but purchases something at Fernsnpetals a few days later, you still get credited for the sale.

Fropper – Add a link on your site to Fropper. Whenever someone visits Fropper.com through this link and becomes a premium member, you can earn up to 50% of the fee.

India club – Online shopping site. You can sell Indian Books, Music, Paintings and Multimedia on your site and earn up to 10% in referral fees.

India Herbs – Paying you 40% commission on sales generated from your referrals. Paying you 10% commission on all sales generated on the websites of your referrals.

Indiatimes – You get paid 10% of sale by simply referring a visitor to this online shopping portal.

IndianFriendfinder – It pays you USD 1.00 for each woman and USD 0.50 for each man that signs up for a free membership. The more traffic you send, the more you earn with its percentage program. You earn an extra 10% when other affiliates sign up under your broker ID.

IndianKarma – Pays you 40% commission for each member who signs up for a paid membership.

IndianMatromonialNetwork – Based on a set performance. The higher the performance, the more you will earn! The base commission is 40%.

IndianMatrimonials – With its affiliates program, you earn 30% on all sales referred by your site. That means if someone signs up for one of its Deluxe accounts, you earn up to USD 17.70 per sale without doing anything. Once a month all affiliates with referral revenues of at least USD 25.00 are paid.

Indianplaza – Link your site to products on Indianplaza and and it will pay you a fee for every item sold through a referral coming from your site.

IndianOnNet – As soon as your referral pay its fees, it sends you 40% of the fees as your commission. Your referrals might in turn ask their friends to subscribe to the paid services of IndiansOnNet. If these friends of theirs join, then you receive 15% of the fees. 

India travel – Opportunity to earn rewards for sending customers who register with Indiatravel and who book trips.

JeevanSathi- All you need to do is to provide a Banner link on your website that fetches free and paid registrations to JeevanSathi. For every Free as well as Paid Registration you will be entitled to a commission.

Lifepartner India – You can place its links on your site. When users registered at Lifepartners India and becomes a premium member, you earn 50% commission.

Makemytrip – MakeMyTrip.com is an online travel company and among the most successful Internet companies in the country. It provides an affiliate service for which you have to write to the site explaining your business details.

Matri-Money The Matri-Money Affiliate Network offers multiple Indian Affiliate Programs across 14 Matrimony sites, offering up to 50% commission on paid registrations.

Money cosmos – It pays you up to USD 1.00 for each user who registers for free. It also pays you a whopping 20% extra for transactions generated by members referred by you.

Organic India – Its affiliate program allows you to sell tea and other natural products. You can receive 10% commission for every item sold through your site.

rishte hi rishte – You will earn Rs 15.00 for each member referred by you who signs up for free in its matrimonial section.You will earn Rs. 3.00 for each member who signs up for free in its matrimonial section referred by affiliates under you.

Salwar Kameez – All Affiliates, Super-Affiliates, SEO’s, Asssociates, Distributors, Dealers, Representatives, Agents are welcome to join its International team and share the profits.

Shaadi.com – Earn upto USD 0.55 on every free profile and upto 40% revenue share – USD 44 for every paid membership.

TajOnline – 5% revenue share on every purchase made on Tajonline through your website. Advance Program: 5% revenue share + recurring commission on purchases made by an individual for 1 year.

Techtribe frontFoot – With frontFoot, companies post high-paying job opportunities that they are looking to fill, and techTribe members refer people in their network for those opportunities. If the company hires a candidate that was referred, the person who made the referral is rewarded financially.

Disclaimer: The above list is simply to provide a directory listing and a brief initial intro to services provided by independent affiliate marketers, for research purposes. This blog cannot take responsibility for the links and descriptions provided above, and offers that these affiliate marketers provide. You are advised to consult and read the terms and conditions provided on their individual websites.

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  7. Hi PN,Read ur article its good information .I required more information on these affiliate programs like the one offered by Shaadi.com where you can earn a fixed amount rather than a commission….I am looking for these kind of sites ……Would you help me in getting this information?I would see this again for ur comment?Thanks


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  13. sir,there is an indian affiliate network company launch in jan 2008.the company name is http://www.clickmount.com , they have office in india and singaporevisit http://www.clickmount.com


    28 Dec 07 at 5:22 pm

  14. I launched a social networking site for a very restricted audience (100% Indian Traffic). Naturally the first thing I started looking for was affiliate programs. Though I know of numerous affiliate programs, they were of no use as most of them cater primarily to US traffic which wouldn't work here. Then I started with Google Adsense as it is applicable here also. During the lookout for India based affiliate programs, I came across this site. Man this is wonderful information. I immdly stopped my search. It has given me enough information to keep me occupied for a long time.Well Done. And keep adding more.Anil Pandey http://www.meriabhilasha.com

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  16. I never knew India had so many affiliate programs…great collection…


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  19. Just wanted to share with others that i found dln's reseller/affiliate program to be good if someone is in the finance field.


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  20. I really like your blog.Actually I am searching some affiliate programs for indians,because my website is particularly for indian user.Thank you

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  21. Hi Palin,

    Amazing info. I never thought that there will be so many affiliate programs in India. I haven't quite checked all the one's you have mentioned, yet. But I will.

    Excellent job! Will help a lot of people.



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  23. is there any affilaite program being run by Amazon India?

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  25. this is good list of networks…. OMG India (one of the biggest affiliate networks in.omgpm.com) is not listed here

    Dheeraj Soni

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  26. This list is very nice affiliate programs list. Thanks for sharing this affiliate list programs.

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     I will use this affiliate programs to my blog, http://e-books-freedownload.blogspot.in/


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  29. I think you have missed 3 major affiliate networks in India.  OMG India, Vcommission and Trootrac. Please include them as well.


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  31. Really Good list .


    21 Jan 13 at 9:58 pm

  32. Tyroo is not a legit they use some affiliates to generate leads, after they achieve targets the affiliate has no value and gets his account disable customer support ‘zero’, friends humble request dont go for tyroo


    20 Mar 13 at 10:22 pm

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