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About blogging on PR in India


Some friends of mine also from the India PR industry met me over the weekend and the first thing they asked was – what’s up with you and blogs suddenly? and followed by – How can you get the time ever to write blogs, who’s going to read anyway? Who’s Hobbit and why are you hiding your identity? Are you like the one from LOTR going to save the PR industry from the clutch of the evildoers?

I pondered and tried to explain. When we were new to this profession, we were so full of hopes and dreams about what our academic upcoming have groomed us about the profession in our minds. That we are going to be one of the two most important people to a CEO -one was his lawyer, the other his PRO- you know the story alright! That we are going to represent not the sales or marketing, or the tangible gain-seekers that everybody seeks per financial year, but we are going to represent the intellectual persona of a company. That people are going to come to us for making them famous, help make their products sell faster, making things right for them, and making them liked by people who mattered to them the most.

Yet has this respect and awe of the profession dimmed ever since we set foot in the industry? We let our clients howl on us even if they are not making any sense themselves. We are set off to media houses to plead journalists to carry snippets of our press releases on the following day’s newspaper. Our strategic counsel and planning ability close down to how many media hits we achieved in a month.

Once a senior colleague told me that all these that I was cribbing about are routine and minor issues and shouldn’t dampen anybody down.

One should always look at the big picture. Whatever Corporate Communications, Community Relations, Employee Relations, and Government Relations stuff one has studied will eventually come at a later stage of the career.

However, have we let down the profession in any way? Is this supposed to be what PR is all about? Nobody wants to discuss as people are busy looking after their own clients, getting that prized coverage, or getting that call from another PR agency offering a higher salary.

So I suppose there is no harm in me just playing the fool and writing all these about the profession I chose to be in. Everybody’s too busy and they don’t care shit about who’s writing about what. Anyway I am not a Dilip chacha who can make trends in the industry with the wave of a hand.

Anyway, I should have chosen another subject to blog had I wanted a huge traffic on my blog. Or at least I should have written stuff about PR targeted to the global audience.

I wanted to write something genuine, which is not possible I supposed, in India’s small PR industry, displaying my credentials in full view. I don’t want to be quizzed on my blog in my next interview. Nor do I expect those who comment this blog to necessarily give their true identities. The content is what matters at this time. So if the hobbit from LOTR could try save a world, at least another hobbit could try start talking about the industry, if not anything at all.

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May 15th, 2006 at 12:48 pm

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  1. hmmmm not that it would make much difference, i think your blog is pretty cool,not much has been said about the Indian PR industry so candidly…there are a few good questions raised in your blogs and certain points which I agree or disagree with. So keep the blog going.


    15 May 06 at 11:47 pm

  2. Hey hobbit,

    Its great to have a forum to talk/discuss the Great Indian PR industry. Frankly speaking, half the people i know have no clue on what PR is all about (My relatives think im a journalist!!! )and its great that finally I can speak about this with others who for a change get what im trying to say. my fellow anonymous blogger ‘sj’ will also agree.


    16 May 06 at 7:44 am

  3. hi sj and SJ

    These are cool. Keep ‘em coming. I appreciate.


    16 May 06 at 11:04 am

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